Zip Code Pillow with Insert, Zip Code, City and State-Two Layers of Fabric

$ 32.95

Zip Code Pillow With Insert, Zip Code with City and State Two Layers of Fabric

Our Newest addition to our Zip code Pillows!  This custom made zipcode pillow is exclusive to Peppermint Twist. Custom made just for us, this 2 layer pillow is a great addition to any space.

Zip code pillows are the perfect gift for a new home owner. Customized with your own zip code and city A great accessory for any covered front porch, living room or home accent. Add sparkle and shine to you home.

Zip Code Pillow

The perfect wedding gift for the new Homeowner or Newlyweds! A custom pillow that proudly displays your zip code! This pillow includes the insert.

This custom made pillow is the perfect pillow for the newlywed couple or new homeowner.
Shown in Black vinyl~this pillow has a double layer of fabric-the bottom layer is brown and the top layer is white.

Product Features:
Measures 12x20.
Double layered pillow 
Button Closures in the back
Custom lettering, heat pressed
Hand Crafted

Zip code pillows are a popular gift for a new home owner, newlyweds and neighbors. A great way to welcome your new neighbors to the neighborhood!

Pillow cover design is applied with a new heat press product. It is machine washable by turning the garment inside out. Machine wash warm or hot using mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Dry at a normal dryer setting.

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