Latitude and Longitude Coordinate Necklace

$ 30.00

Latitude and Longitude Coordinate Necklace

Do you have a special place that you will always remember?  Maybe it's where you had your 1st date?  Or where he proposed?  Or where you grew up?  It's personal to you.  You can wear the coordinates close to your heart with this sweet necklace that features that special location written in longitude and latitude coordinates. Each necklace features....

  • An Acrylic rectangle bar pendant-available in multiple color options!
  • Finished in Gold or Silver Engraving
  • Chain Color Matches the finish color of the engraving
  • Your Choice of a 16" or 18" Chain
  • Enter the address of the location with zip code and we will find the coordinates for you!

You will cherish this unique gift that represents that special place that will always be near and dear to you heart!


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